About the Mayhem

Team and Player Awards

William B. Coffey Trophy

2016-17 Coach Kevin Kerr, Assistant Coach Leo Thomas
2020-21 Coach Kevin Kerr, Assistant Coach Ryan Michel

President’s Cup Champions

2016-17 Coach Kevin Kerr, Assistant Coach Leo Thomas

Regular Season MVP

2015-16 Garrett Bartus
2020-21 Mason Baptista

Goaltender of the Year

2015-16 Garrett Bartus
2020-21 Jake Theut

Coach of the Year

2016-17 Kevin Kerr
2020-21 Kevin Kerr

Athletic Trainer of the Year

2018-19 Lisa Connelly
2021-22 Cynthia West

Retired Jersey Numbers

#10 Caleb Cameron 2023


2015-16 First Team Goalie Garrett Bartus
2015-16 Second Team Forward Shawn Skelly
2016-17 Second Team Goalie Jordan Ruby
2017-18 First Team Forward Jake Trask
2017-18 Second Team Defense Daniel Gentzler
2018-19 Second Team Forward John Siemer
2018-19 Second Team Forward Jake Trask
2020-21 First Team Forward Mason Baptista
2020-21 First Team Defense Nick Minerva
2020-21 First Team Goalie Jake Theut
2020-21 Second Team Defense Casey Johnson


2016-17 First Team Forward John Siemer
2016-17 First Team Defense Daniel Echeverri
2020-21 First Team Forward Ryan Smith
2020-21 First Team Defense Casey Johnson
2020-21 First Team Goalie Ryan Ruck