Birmingham at Macon

Gameday Program

February 23, 2024

Fri - 7:00 PM

Home Game


Jurassic Night

Inflatable dinosaur races on ice.

During the first intermission, people dressed as dinosaurs will race down the ice to see who is the fastest on the slippery surface.

Come dressed as a dinosaur for FREE ADMISSION to the game!

Touch and see alligators and lizards with Macon’s Museum of Arts & Sciences.

Presenting Sponsors

The Mayhem will be wearing special Jurassic jerseys. Game worn jersey auction in lobby immediately following the game.

Veteran Nomination

The Macon Mayhem are proud to honor all Veterans and Active Military during every home game. This season, The Mayhem, on behalf of Sonny’s BBQ, are gifting tickets to a Military Family for each home game. If you would like to nominate a Veteran to attend a home game, click the button below.

Jersey Off the Back

Win the jersey straight off a players back at every home game. Purchase tickets at the door for your chance to win.

50/50 Raffle

Help the Booster Club by purchasing a 50/50 raffle and win CASH!


Only a buck, Try your luck

Aim for the center ice faceoff dot and win!

Occurs during the second intermission.

Season Ticket Holder Discounts at the Coliseum

$2 Off Combos, $3 Drink Refills
$2 Popcorn, $3 Pretzel

Don’t forget all the Season Ticket Holder Perks when you are not at the game.

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Enjoy a Mayhem Lager

at the Game or at Fall Line Brewing

Hockey 101

New to hockey or need a refresher? Learn the basics of the good ol’ hockey game.

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The 3 Main Rules

When a defending team player shoots or passes the puck from behind the center ice red line and it crosses the red line parallel to the opposing goal without being touched by another player on the defending team.

The puck has to cross the offensive zone blue line before a player on the attacking team.

2-Line Pass
When a player passes to another player of their team and the puck crosses any 2 of the 3 lines in the middle of the ice.

Penalty Classifications

Minor Penalty
2 minutes in the penalty box. Player released from box when time is served or opposing team scores a goal.

Double Minor
4 minutes in the penalty box. Player released from box when time is served.

Major Penalty
5 minutes in the penalty box. Player released from box when time is served or opposing team scores a goal.

10 minutes in the penalty box (or locker room depending on time remaining in period.) Player is released when time is served.

Delayed Penalty
A penalty is delayed until a player on the guilty team touches the puck.

Penalty Shot
A penalty shot is allowed when an offensive player who has a clear path towards the goal is stopped by illegal contact from behind.

Penalty Types

Boarding is when one player causes another to crash into the boards due to illegal contact.

Charging is when a player takes extra strides to gain momentum before checking another player.

Cross-checking is using the stick while initiating a body check.

Elbowing is forceful contact with an elbow during play.

High-sticking is using a raised stick to make contact with an opponent.

Hooking is using the curved blade of the stick to hinder an opponent’s ability to skate.

Holding is grasping another player or his or her uniform.

Interference is contact that restricts the movement of another player who does not have the puck.

Misconduct can refer to any type of severe hockey penalty, such as verbal abuse of a player or official, argumentative behavior or disrupting the game.

Roughing is unnecessary physical play like throwing a punch or shoving a player.

Slashing is illegal use of the stick by swinging it at an opposing player.

Spearing is called when one player thrusts his stick into a player on the other team.

Tripping occurs when a player is tripped by his opponent with the leg or stick.

An official makes the washout signal to indicate that icing or offsides is being waved off and play will continue.

Official SPHL Rule Book

For more detailed explanations of rules and penalties, consult the Official SPHL Rule Book.

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Team History

Team and Player Awards

William B. Coffey Trophy

2016-17 Coach Kevin Kerr, Assistant Coach Leo Thomas
2020-21 Coach Kevin Kerr, Assistant Coach Ryan Michel

President’s Cup Champions

2016-17 Coach Kevin Kerr, Assistant Coach Leo Thomas

Regular Season MVP

2015-16 Garrett Bartus
2020-21 Mason Baptista

Goaltender of the Year

2015-16 Garrett Bartus
2020-21 Jake Theut

Coach of the Year

2016-17 Kevin Kerr
2020-21 Kevin Kerr

Athletic Trainer of the Year

2018-19 Lisa Connelly
2021-22 Cynthia West

Retired Jersey Numbers

#10 Caleb Cameron 2023


2015-16 First Team Goalie Garrett Bartus
2015-16 Second Team Forward Shawn Skelly
2016-17 Second Team Goalie Jordan Ruby
2017-18 First Team Forward Jake Trask
2017-18 Second Team Defense Daniel Gentzler
2018-19 Second Team Forward John Siemer
2018-19 Second Team Forward Jake Trask
2020-21 First Team Forward Mason Baptista
2020-21 First Team Defense Nick Minerva
2020-21 First Team Goalie Jake Theut
2020-21 Second Team Defense Casey Johnson


2016-17 First Team Forward John Siemer
2016-17 First Team Defense Daniel Echeverri
2020-21 First Team Forward Ryan Smith
2020-21 First Team Defense Casey Johnson
2020-21 First Team Goalie Ryan Ruck

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$5 CASH ONLY without parking pass.

Doors Open

Single ticket spectators are permitted inside 1 hour prior to puck drop.

Prohibited Items

  • Back packs or any oversized bags [Please review the Clear Bag Policy]
  • Animals (Except for Dog Race Night)
  • Cameras with professional lenses larger than 4 inches or removable lenses, tripods, monopods, and all other professional video and audio recording equipment
  • Illegal drugs
  • Large umbrellas [anything longer than 18” when fully collapsed is not allowed]
  • Laser pointers, aerosol cans, and air horn type noise makers
  • Outside food and beverage
  • Bottles, Cans, or Coolers
  • Distribution of unapproved promotional material
  • Balloons
  • Weapons or firearms*

*The Macon Coliseum is a government owned facility. Access is controlled by security. Weapons/firearms are not permitted in these facilities. You may not carry or possess a weapon/firearm in this building. Violation of this prohibition may result in criminal prosecution. Exceptions extended to off-duty or retired law enforcement officers who can carry service weapons as long as they have proper credentials, enter the main entrance, and check in with our security supervisor.